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Changes: A Letter from our CEO

Published on August 8, 2018

For most of us, change is an everyday event.  Computers need upgrades, young children are constantly outgrowing clothes, Mom and Dad are getting older so they sell their home in the name of “downsizing,” and almost every week brings a new family event.  The battle cry of the day seems to a proclamation declaring the only constant in life is change.

The future home of Conger LP Gas Tifton

At Conger LP Gas, we are announcing that we are also changing…soon.  After being in the same location in Tifton for 29 years, we will soon be moving to a new location at 146 S. Ridge Avenue in Tifton.  Finally, we will have a location built for the convenience and enjoyment of our customers.  After many years of inconvenience at our current location, our customers will once again be able to park directly in front of our office and have plenty of parking spaces as well.  No more walking in through our back door which made many of you think you had entered our office incorrectly.

The biggest changes, however, will be what you see once you enter our new showroom.  Our new location will offer a spacious showroom, merchandised with a wide variety of gas appliances that you can actually touch and examine in person, instead of looking at a brochure or catalog.  Our new lineup will include gas cooktops, gas ranges, matching washers and gas clothes dryers from national brands at prices competitive with the big box stores.  Additionally, we will have an outdoor area featuring outdoor kitchens and equipment including decorative gas heaters, gas lamps, and a variety of cooking options.

Stay tuned on any of our social media pages:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat to get more information.  Also, watch for your invitation in the mail to join us for the Grand Opening. And while you are on any of these sites, check out our giveaway offers and contests.  You might also win tickets to an upcoming concert or to one of the many cooking classes we will also be offering in our new demonstration area at the new location.

Whoever said change is bad hasn’t heard about all the great changes coming to Conger LP Gas!!

Dan Richardson


Conger LP Gas, Inc