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Proud to be your propane partner

On July 1, 1989, Perry and Dolores Conger started Conger LP Gas, Inc. They had no previous experience in the propane business, but they believed that if they worked hard and treated their customers fairly, their locally owned business would succeed. Along the way, friends and acquaintances became shareholders, and Conger LP Gas acquired other local businesses to expand the reach of the service-oriented company.

Now, almost 30 years later, Conger LP Gas serves more than 7,000 residential, commercial and agricultural customers out of three regional offices in 28 counties in South Georgia. We are still proud to be locally owned and to share those same values of honesty, respect and fairness that were part of the original vision. Conger LP Gas is dedicated to serving our neighbors and fueling lives for years to come.

Board Members


Dan Richardson President & CEO
Perry Conger Founder and Executive Vice President
Dolores Conger Founder
Bill Moore Alternative Fuel Sales Manager
Amzie Cooper Marketing Director
Sheryl Altman Accounting Manager
Debra Branch Accounts Payable Clerk
Susan German Accounts Receivable Clerk
Steve Hooks Operations, Safety & Compliance Manager
Tim Johnson Inside Sales
Dewayne Bruce Service Technician
Eric Pritchard Service Technician
Taddy West Delivery & Sales
Kurt Whiddon Delivery & Sales
Justin Smith Delivery & Sales
Greg Bridges Branch Manager & Service Technician
Ginger Bridges Customer Service Representative
Dillon West Service Technician
Jamie Seabolt Service Technician
Frank Davis Delivery & Sales
Obey Salter Delivery & Sales
Andy Hartley Branch Manager
Janice Blount Customer Service Representative
Chad Collins Delivery & Sales