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Conger LP Gas installs propane irrigation engines at South Georgia farms

Published on August 27, 2019

Conger LP Gas recently put together a propane irrigation unit for Reid Brothers Irrigation in Americus. This unit features an Engine Distributors Inc. 6.8 liter propane irrigation engine, a Cornell pump and 2 — 500-gallon propane tanks on a custom-built 20-foot trailer. It is designed as a portable unit that the farmer can move from field to field. It will be placed on a river for irrigation and because propane is a non-pollutant there is no hazard of ground contamination like there would be if the unit were diesel. The farmer also qualified for over $4,000 in incentives from the Propane and Education and Research Council.

Conger LP Gas also installed another propane irrigation engine in a field in Sycamore, Georgia. The 6.8-liter propane engine from Engine Distributors Inc. replaced an old diesel engine. The new propane engine is more fuel-efficient, quieter and better for the environment. This engine is powering a line shaft turbine well application and is being used to run 4 different center pivots. A 7.5 KW side mount generator was also installed to walk the pivots. Conger LP Gas is the only propane marketer in Georgia that works with individual farmers in improving their bottom line with propane irrigation engines. For more information contact Bill Moore at Conger LP Gas at (229) 386-5574.